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The Singing Angel

Angels are present everywhere in the oldest Christmas traditions. The Singing Angel appears, creating a fantastic Christmas atmosphere and spreading joy at parties and events.

The Singing Angel

The Singing Angel is perfect for those special holidays such as Christmas – the time of angels. The Angel is also the ideal choice for weddings, gala dinners, and other events deserving of that little extra sprinkle of stardust. The Singing Angel is a wonderful musical experience and an enchanting surprise for a special occasion. It brings people together and lifts them up, as well as creating a magical moment for all to share. It is not a concert in the traditional sense, but more of a refined visual happening customised to suit your event and venue.

The visual appearance of the Angel.

Visually, the Angel looks as though she came right out of the sumptuous paintings of the Baroque Era. She bewitches everyone, both from a distance and close to. The Angel begins to sing already before she enters the room. With her genuinely beautiful voice as well as her sheer presence, she overwhelms her audience, dressed in a starry crown, wings, and robes of celestial blue, perfectly suited for magnificent surroundings and special occasions.


”Helle Thun created a magical moment. With the most beautiful Angel song – It was true Christmas Spirit – A marvellous experience!!!

Rune, Coach

“During the concert at Copenhagen City Hall we heard the singing from outside the room slowly approaching. And then suddenly at the top of the balcony a true Angel appeared. She had big swan white wings and a dress befitting a Queen. Singing she slowly descended the staircase, moving from balcony to balcony. And then finally making an entrance on the ground floor, performing Ave Maria. It was magnificent, I wish everybody could experience that. It was spellbinding.”

Male Concert Guest,

The Singing Angel is a truly extraordinary and beautiful musical experience. Elegant, original and quality entertainment.