“On the event of our staff dinner for employees from 16 different nationalities at the Prindsen Hotel, Roskilde, Helle Thun performed for us as the character of the wonderful Singing Angel, and she captured everyone’s attention. Her interpretation of the Ave Maria and Nordic trills – it was one of the most beautiful things I ever heard.”

Helle Mumm,
Network for Integration,
Danish Aid for Refugees.

‘She stepped right out of a picture postcard, with a voice of pure gold.’

Fritz, Architect

‘When the Angel begins to ‘kule’ – an ancient Nordic vocal tradition – you are completely overwhelmed – literally transported out of the room. You sense the beauty of the wild, the deep of the forests, the wildness of the mountains and rivers ….. .’

Copenhagen QajaQ Club.

”Helle Thun created a magical moment. With the most beautiful angelic song – It was the true Christmas Spirit – a marvellous experience!!!

Rune, Coach

“During the concert at Copenhagen City Hall we first heard the singing from outside the room slowly approaching. And then suddenly, at the top of the balcony a true Angel appeared! She had big swan-white wings and a dress befitting a Queen. Singing, she slowly descended the staircase, moving from balcony to balcony. And then finally making an entrance on the ground floor, performing the Ave Maria. It was magnificent, I wish everybody could have experienced this. It was spellbinding.”

Male Concert Guest,

The singing angel is a truly beautiful and musical experience. Elegant, original and quality entertainment.