The Singing Angel

Angels are present everywhere in the oldest Christmas traditions. The Singing Angel appears, creating a fantastic Christmas atmosphere and spreading joy at parties and events.

The Singing Angel

The Singing Angel is perfect for those special holidays such as Christmas – the time of angels. The Singing Angel is also the ideal choice for weddings, gala dinners, and other events deserving of that little extra sprinkle of stardust. The Singing Angel is a wonderful musical experience and an enchanting surprise for a special occasion. It brings people together and lifts them up, as well as creating a magical moment for all to share. It is not a concert in the traditional sense, but more of a refined visual happening customised to suit your event and venue.

The Repertoire

The repertoire is tailor-made for the occasion. Besides traditional hymns and songs, the Angel has a large repertoire of both international classical music as well as Nordic folkloristic pieces. The Disney classic ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ is of course also a natural favourite of the Angel’s. The Angel always improvises a new melody on the spot as a gift to the audience. And if you request in advance you can make an order of a specific song to be added.

The visual appearance of the Angel.

Visually, the Angel looks as though she came right out of the sumptuous paintings of the Baroque Era. She bewitches everyone, both from  a distance and close to. The Angel begins to sing already before she enters the room. With her genuinely beautiful voice as well as her sheer presence, she overwhelms her audience, dressed in a starry crown, wings, and robes of celestial blue, perfectly suited for magnificent surroundings and special occasions.

The Angel and the everyday world

To blend into the terrestrial everyday world, the Angel folds away her wings and performs as the soprano Helle Thun. Helle is a soloist with various ensembles: Breakable, SAGA, The Secret Sound and Queen Anne’s Consort in which she performs with various styles of music and vocal techniques, both Renaissance music and a poetic fusion of Free Jazz and classical music. She is a unique singer that interpretes contemporary music as well as being coach, consultant and interpreter of ancient Nordic folk music repertoire, another speciality of hers. She is well known on the international cultural scene for her reinterpreting traditional Nordic folk song and is furthermore the leader of a choir, dedicated particularly to this style of music.

Angel facts

Angels are part and parcel of all the religions around the world. They serve as both messengers from heaven and loving and protective spirits of mankind. The angels sing; this is their way of conveying their message, through love and singing.


Practical information.

Musical genres:  Classical opera, entertainment and Nordic folklore.
Type: Performance event featuring a soprano soloist singing a cappella
Performers: One singer
Duration: According to agreement. (Between 15 to 25 minutes is optimal, so as to keep up the energy of the audience)
Dressing room requirement: A dressing room with a mirror, from about one hour prior to the performance.
Geography: Scandinavia as well as the world at large – angels go wherever they are needed.
Price: According to agreement + transport expenses.
Copyright: Recordings of sound and images are prohibited, unless agreed upon with Helle Thun.

The Singing Angel is a truly extraordinary and beautiful musical experience. Elegant, original and quality entertainment